Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kennel Management

Essential supplies for every kennel include the following: • Kaopectate (store brand is okay), • Pepto Bismol (store brand is okay), • Metamucil (store brand is okay), • Benadryl elixir (store brand is okay), • Activated charcoal, • Borax (“20 Mule Team Borax”), • Diatomaceous Earth, • Hydrogen Peroxide, • Epsom Salt, • Bleach. We'll talk more about the uses of these products in future posts, but if you have a kennel (or just one dog in the household), we can tell you that you will find a use for each of these inexpensive and very important products.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Check us out on FaceBook

You must first be the change you want to see in this world . - Gandhi Hey ya'll! Thanks for liking our page on FaceBook! Pete had a great young prospect - double-Geoff-bred female - that we had to put down two weeks ago because she had a freak accident and factured a femur beyond repair. All of the renewed interest in our hounds, based on the new likes and visits to our FB page are encouraging and uplifting. Thanking for sharing and for sending new visitors to our page. Yadkin River Spur is a direct son off of Nite Champion Pete's Yadkin River Geoff. He is a 2015 UKC Performance Sire and a 2015 PKC Super Stakes Sire. We are hopeful and looking for good things from him and his offspring. After all, he is out of Geoff! Thanks again! <3

Sunday, September 22, 2013 New pup photos. Yadkin River Spur x Petes's Yadkin River Pearl born 7/29/13 just a few male pups left call Pete at 336-244-6817

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finally! We really are back! You can get to the website by typing in your browser. If you had it bookmarked, you'll need to create a new bookmark. Sorry. You'll notice that a lot of the photos are not working. We do not have to rebuild from scratch (after our computer crashed), but we are going to have to rebuild one page at a time to restore missing photos! Look for changes as we file away stuff that is old and no longer relevant (although still important to us). Geoff died on September 1, 2012, and a lot has changed. The good news is that Pete has a litter of Geoff grandpuppies - the next generation. They have a lot of white, for those Yadkin River folks who love the open-spotted hounds. We have 10 pups that will be six weeks old on September 16th. As we work to restore the website, we'll post pictures on the blog, Facebook and eventually the website. If you're interested in a pup, they'll be ready to go next week. Give Pete a call at 336-244-6817. Thank you for your continued interest in our hounds, and for your patience while we worked through our computer crash. We've had a lot of good techinical help from (our webhosting service), and from family and friends who are computer gurus. Pete & Tina Barber Yadkin River Kennels (remember to set a new bookmark!) 336-244-6817

Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand American 2013 - Orangeburg, SC

Steve Taylor and Jim Meeks at the 2013 Grand American (where's David?!).  Notice the three green shirts.

Pete with Terry Walker - Editor of American Cooner at the Grand American in Orangeburg, SC (2013)

PKC CH - UKC CH NT CH Yadkin River Girl

Tony Burgamy & PKC CH & UKC Ch NT CH Yadkin River Girl after a hard night (above) and below Tony and Pam Gibb with Girl along with our friend, Ed "Pigeye" Autman and others at the 2013 SC PKC New Year's Jamboree